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Estate Planning

Navigating the future of your estate requires foresight, precision, and a trusted partner who understands the nuances of preserving your legacy. Here at B.I.G. Investment Services, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive estate planning services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. 

Our team of estate planning and trust specialists is dedicated to ensuring that your wishes are honored, your assets are protected, and your legacy endures for generations to come!


How We Can Help You

Reviewing Wills and Trusts

These documents are crucial, but life’s constant changes mean they need regular check-ups to ensure they still align with your current situation and wishes. And that’s where our expertise shines, ensuring every detail reflects each of your present-day desires and meets all legal standards. While we can not create a will or trust for you, our knowledge will ensure the legal partner you use to create these documents will be with your very best interest in mind. 

We'll also look at the big picture and the fine print, advising you on any adjustments needed to keep your roadmap accurate and effective. Our goal? Make sure this map is clear, so your legacy travels exactly where you want it to go.

Preserving Your Estate for Intended Heirs

We deploy various strategies to ensure all your assets are earmarked for your intended heirs, minimizing the chance of any disputes and ensuring a smooth transition when the time comes.

Reducing Exposure to Estate Taxes and Probate Costs

Through our strategic planning, including the use of trusts and gifting strategies, we work to minimize the impact of estate taxes. Our aim here is to keep more of what you have earned in the hands of those you love, not lost to taxes or tied up in probate.

Coordinating with Tax and Legal Advisors

Our role is to facilitate clear, open communication between all parties involved. So by coordinating efforts, we can identify the most effective path for your unique situation, avoiding any missteps and redundancies that could complicate your plan.


Our Standard Procedure for Legacy Estate Planning Services

Initial Consultation with Our Expert Financial Advisor 

We believe in listening first. This means we take the time to truly hear what’s important to you—whether it’s providing for loved ones, ensuring a favorite charity is supported, or keeping a family business within the family.

A conversation where all your questions are welcome, where no topic is too small, providing you with both clarity and direction.

Document Review and Assessment For Your Estate Financial Planning

This includes wills, trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare directives, and beneficiary designations on your accounts like retirement savings and insurance policies.

Note that laws and personal circumstances change, and what was once a perfect fit might now require adjustments. That's why we meticulously examine each to ensure it’s not only legally sound but perfectly aligned with all of your current wishes and objectives.

Strategy Development Of Your Trust and Estate Planning

Our approach considers everything–from your asset preservation strategies to tax minimization techniques. So we start with a blank canvas, listening to your dreams, concerns, and needs. Then, together, we select the colors and strokes that will bring your vision to life.


We’re by your side, coordinating with your attorneys, accountants, and other professionals to ensure your estate plan is executed flawlessly. Moreover, we're also here to guide you through every signature and decision, ensuring that you understand each step and feel confident and secure in the choices you're making.

Ongoing Support From Your Estate Planning Financial Advisor

Our support doesn’t just end with implementation. Your estate plan is a living document–evolving as your life does.

That's why whether it’s a new addition to the family, a change in your financial situation, or any shifts in tax laws and such, we’re here to make sure it remains aligned. We also proactively reach out to ensure it reflects any new circumstances, adjusting our plan as needed to preserve your legacy as you intended.

B.I.G. Estate Planning Advice: Take the first step towards peace of mind and lasting impact.

Together, with a focus on minimizing financial burdens and maximizing your peace of mind, we're here to guide you through every step of this important process. Let us help you create a plan that reflects your wishes, minimizes taxes, and preserves your estate. Contact B.I.G. Today!

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