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B.I.G. Philosophy

We aim to learn about our clients' needs and determine whether or not our services are the right fit for them. We leverage the following five steps when working with our clients from day one throughout their relationship with BIG Investments.

Clear Focus

B.I.G. Investment Services does not strive to be all things to all people. Our clients hire us to focus on managing the money they don’t want to lose.

We understand that money is a mere means to an end and our focus is helping you achieve your end goals while striving to keep you comfortable in even the most challenging of markets.

Those end goals may be to reach and stay comfortable in retirement, address the succession planning needs of your practice or business, send your children to college or get that RV or vacation home that you've always wanted.

Serving clients for nearly 20 years, we have had the privilege of seeing many of our client’s goals come to fruition.



B.I.G. Investment Services takes a conservative yet tactical approach to investing.

Once we have determined the proper balance between your risk tolerance and your need for growth and/or income, we allocate your money to help meet those parameters. We then deploy a tactical approach within those parameters to try and enhance returns and minimize risk depending on current market conditions.



B.I.G Investment Services utilizes a series of models designed to meet the needs of every investor they serve.

We discovered many years ago, the overwhelming majority of investors share similar criteria. After a careful analysis of hundreds of clients, we designed models to address the most common needs of our investors. These models are NOT one size fits all and adapt to very specific needs regarding your risk tolerance, growth, income needs and tax sensitivity.

Once we complete an extensive consultation, we determine the right model(s) for you and manage those models on a discretionary basis going forward. We do not maintain a single account that is contracted out to private money managers. All of our management is done in-house on a discretionary basis via our models. We know what is going on with every single dollar, of every single client, every single day. When you have a question or concern, you can ask and we can answer.

Purposeful Service


B.I.G. Investment Services proactively schedule client reviews every 6 to 9 months at the conclusion of each appointment.

These reviews are in office for local clients or via phone and online for clients residing anywhere in the world.

This proactive review process helps us to keep you current on your investments and allows you to keep us current on changes taking place in your life. We also use these appointments to review your financial and retirement plans as well as address anything else that may be pertinent.

Money Aligned with Your Life


B.I.G. Investment Services doesn’t try to be all things to all people.

We are here to help you pursue your short and long term financial goals at a pace that you are comfortable with even when the markets are struggling. Rather than simply chase returns, we strive to help you put together a plan that will stand the test of time and then help you monitor that plan going forward.

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